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Photography tour to Patagonia,
Dates: 11-21 April 2020
Patagonia is a stunningly beautiful region at the very bottom of South America, shared by Chile and Argentina. If you are in love with dramatic mountain landscapes, Patagonia is a must for you: ice-crowned massifs with sharp peaks, clear lakes, picturesque waterfalls and azure glaciers. Patagonia is a home for guanacos, condors, armadillos and even pumas, which we hope to meet in Torres del Paine National Park. I kindly invite you to join this incredible journey.
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Photography tour to South Moravia and Prague (Czech Republic)
Dates 04-10 May 2020
South Moravia is a picturesque region in the south-east of the Czech Republic. It is often called "Czech Tuscany" because of its emerald green rolling hills and serene pastoral atmosphere. However, when you come to Moravia, you understand that it is unique in its own way with its landscape geometry, play of light and variety of textures and hues. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world: cozy winding streets of Lesser town (Mala strana), magnificent St. Vitus Cathedral, famous Charles Bridge. We will also visit some interesting locations outside the city. Spring in Moravia and Prague is an unforgettable time for photographers!
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Photography tour to Tuscany,
Dates: 18-24 May 2020
Tuscany is justly considered to be one of the most beautiful places for landscape photography. If you are a photographer, who is in love with nature, this tour is for you! I have been to Tuscany many times and I know it as my home, that is why we will visit not only the most well-known locations, but also practically unknown places hardly ever visited by tourists and photographers. We will stay at amazing rural villa in the heart of Tuscany – Val d’Orcia valley, a few minutes drive from such famous locations as Podere Belvedere and capella Vitaletta. During our photography tour we will move around in a comfortable Mercedes minivan.
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Photography tour to Slovenia
Dates: 11-17 October 2020
Slovenia is an amazing country, quite small, but stunningly beautiful. Hills and lakes, mountains and waterfalls, vineyards and forests, to say nothing about delicious food and friendly people! I invite you to join my photography tour in Slovenia in October 11-17, 2019.
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Photography tour to Dolomites
Dates: 19-25 October 2020
Clear emerald green lakes, magnificent mountain ranges, sharp peaks, grassy meadows, picturesque valleys and deep gorges make the Dolomite Alps a unique plqce of attraction both for photographers and lovers of nature from all over the world. The Dolomites are for a good reason under the UNESCO world’s heritage protection. I invite you to join an unforgettable breathtaking adventure to this unique natural monument.
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Photography tour to Tuscany 2020